2021 Prize Package

 Value at over $30,000 in free entries and discounts


- Entry Fee for Citrus Value at $395.00 each Entry Fee for Perfect Pageant Value at $895.00 each

- C. Sommer Photography – Photo shoot value at $175.00 for all queens. All other contestants $50% off from any package

- Glam-More-US Pageants - $100.00 off any Pageant on their system

- Photo Shoot with Baron DaParre Value at $1,000.00 for Overall Photogenic

- One Headshot (one look) and one image edited with Baron DaParre Value at $250.00 and 50% Discount on all other looks for the Top Model Winners

- Gift Certificates from Beyond Fitnezz - Health & Wealthness Studio (Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss & Ms. only) Value at $150.00 each

- IJM- For 2020 Queens - state title and $300.00 off from the Entry Fee for Nationals 2021... ALL other   CONTESTANT- $200.00 off for "Early Bird Special" registration for Nationals 2021 (Offer Valid 30 days from 10/20/2020) 

- The Regal Needle by Nina Suluh (Free Name Embroidery for all queens)

- Suzi Hosfeld is giving the winners in each category, including Top Modeling   winner and Talent winner, a Free entry to either State or National Pageant for 

 Miss Global United States and Miss Universal Global.

- UNM ~ Free entry value at $295.00 for FL State Pageant to all queens and $50.00 discount to all other contestants.

- US Majesty Scholarship Program - $150.00 off for winners and $100.00 off to the queen’s court.

- NAM (National American Miss) - Free Full Sponsorship Fees value at $550.00 for FL State Pageant to all Main Title Queens and Ambassadors winners. All others will received $50.00 of their 2019 State Sponsorship Fees.

 - Florida Galaxy - Free entry value at $450.00 for FL State Pageant to all

   Winners and $50.00 off to all others.