Pageant Judging Guidlines


                                                                      QUEEN TITLE:


EVENING WEAR  – Evening wear is (25%) of your overall score. Every contestant will be individually introduced on stage. Choose a dress that shows off your unique personality. The color and style are your choices. You should feel confident and excited about who you are and whom you were created to be. The contestant should wear a floor-length gown that is age appropriate to her age division (no slits between the ages of 4 through 15). We want each contestant to look like the age division they are competing in. Each contestant will have their moment in the spotlight in the evening gown competition, to show their grace, poise, and elegance.


PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – Personal Introduction is (10%) of your overall score. Contestants will be scored during their interview. The introduction will be presented to the judges once you enter the interview room. The contestant will state her name, hometown and tell us a little bit about herself. The introduction should be no more than 45 seconds.


CASUAL WEAR – Casual Wear is (25%) of your overall score. Contestants will model age-appropriate attire that has a casual, tailored look. The outfit should be something that you would buy off the rack at a department store. The contestant will be modeling to upbeat and fun music. It will be the contestant time to turn on the runway as a model and amaze the audience with her personal style.


INTERVIEW – Interview is (40%) of your overall score. The interview is actually a conversation in which the interviewer is getting to know you, observe your communication skills, and, depending on the setting, learn more about your goals, interests, and community service. The contestants (Princess and Sweetheart) will be sitting with each judge for two (2) minutes, (Preteen and above ) four (4) minutes, “round-robin style”, in the interview room, in a one-on-one friendly, job interview format. Questions will be based on your personal introduction. No political, religion or current event questions are asked. Contestants should wear an interview dress or suit that reflects their own unique personality.


**** No Makeup allowed on Princess and Sweetheart Divisions ****

**** Pre-Teen makeup must be a Natural Look ****

**** JR. TEEN/TEEN make up must be age appropriate ****